Portrait Sketch 1

I begin with a pastel sketch on the primed canvas.

Portrait Sketch 2

I've just started to paint the face here. This can be a very difficult and rough stage of the process.

Portrait Sketch 3

I've locked in the structure of the facial expression, now I can start building details.

Portrait Sketch 4

I've almost got all the details of the expression just right. Now I can move onto the hands.

Portrait Sketch 5

Here I'm starting to figure out how the background will tie in with the portrait. How high do I want that window sill to be?

Portrait Sketch 6

Sketching in the background details.

Commissioning a Portrait

Thank you very much for your interest in a portrait commission. As you may know, a commissioned portrait painting is a significant undertaking. The portrait will last for generations, years after the family photos have long since faded. The painting will be an heirloom quality portrait and masterpiece of the highest standards. Below is a description of the process, followed by the pricing. To the right are some stages of my painting process.

The Process

-We will have an initial conversation by phone to discuss exactly what you want.

-For out first meeting we'll schedule a day that I can come and spend a couple hours with the person or family I'll be painting. I will take some casual pictures for the portrait. This will give me an opportunity to pinpoint interests and personalities, so I can create a concept for the portrait.

-Then, I'll go back to my studio to create a number of sketches and/or photo drafts that will layout the concept and look of a potential portrait or portraits. I will share them with you and we'll discuss what you think. I'll make changes based on your suggestions, and possibly come back out for another photo shoot.

-In some cases, if the portrait is to be a multi-person/family portrait I will have a photographer with me. I might bring a professional photographer so I can focus on directing all of you in the poses I need. I will get pictures of all of you separately and together. This will provide me with all the necessary reference material I need to create the painting. This is the same method that Norman Rockwell used.

-Next, I will build the canvas and create the painting. I use only the highest quality materials so the painting will last for generations. The size of a typical single person portrait is around 36”. However, I can make a painting any size. I love painting large. The dimensions may change slightly once a good composition has been agreed upon. Depending on scheduling, a portrait may take somewhere between a couple weeks to a couple months.

-The painting will not come with a frame, but it will have the necessary hardware to be hung on a wall. I would be happy to help you decide on a frame, or for an additional fee I can have the painting framed for you.

-Roughly 6 months after I've delivered the finished painting I might have to come out to your home to put a varnish on it. The oil paints take 6 months to fully cure, despite being dry to the touch within weeks. I use a non-toxic Beeswax as a varnish. It enriches the colors and gives the painting a luster, but will not create an unsightly glare.

Finished Portrait

This portrait is 36" tall X 29" wide. It is painted with Gamblin oil paints on a high-quality Belgian linen stretched over poplar stretcher bars. These are the same high-quality materials the masters have been using for centuries. I use them because I love their history, but also, because they're proven. They last for centuries. Once again, thank you for your interest in my work. Please send me an email if you have any questions, comments, or desires to discuss a commission.

Email: seanroacharts@gmail.com

Finished Portrait

Finished Portrait Detail

Finished Portrait Brush Details

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