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All works displayed on this website are original art works by me. If you like something it may still be for sale. Prices are available upon request.

Comedy Sportz Sean & Chicas


I’m an artist. I used to be a television show host on Sprout and NBC.

From an early age, I was artistic and loved going to museums. My father worked overseas so I got to see artwork throughout Europe and Asia. I lived in South Korea until I was about 10, when I moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. In middle school I started making funny, and often inappropriate, drawings of my teachers. I quickly realized I could get a lot of attention from my classmates, and it was addictive.

I attended Millersville University and the Tyler School of Art. I received a BFA in Painting in 1999. After a couple years of trying to make it as a freelance artist, I recognized my lack of entrepreneurial skills, and decided to make a move to a more secure career. So, I become an actor! Haha! In actuality, I’d always wanted to try acting, but had been too scared. I finally felt I was ready to tackle those fears. I packed up my studio, and for the next decade I threw myself into performance and did as much theatre as I could. After years of hard work I became a member of Comedy Sportz of Philadelphia, an improv comedy group. Later that same year I became the host of two national children’s television shows, Noodle and Doodle and The Sunny Side Up Show, which have aired on Sprout, NBC, and other networks around the world.

Since leaving the shows in 2014, I've been working on becoming a visual artist again. I never really stopped making paintings while I was a television host, but I also didn’t really take it very seriously. Well that's all changed. Please read my artist statement below to learn more about what I’ve been up to.


Since 2007, I have been a member of Comedy Sportz, which is an award-winning improvisational comedy troupe that performs improvisational theatre year round. Go to to learn more about it and be sure to friend me on Facebook if you’d like to see when I’m performing next.


In addition to being an on-camera television host, behind the scenes I was also responsible for producing, writing, and even improvising my own content. It was this work, day in and day out, studying how children communicate and learn, that has shaped the artist I have become today.

I’ve always been fascinated by how children experience and perceive their world, especially those events that are beyond their current developmental grasp. My new work focuses on this. It is very personal to me as a dad too. The models in these paintings are my children, friends, and neighbors.

My paintings start with an initial concept, which leads to countless sketches, sculpture, photography and weeks of research, all of which are in service of the final painting. The idea typically evolves quite a bit through this process, and if the final painting is half as good as what I initially planned, I will concede and say it’s done.

The central themes of my new work are pornography, gun violence, pharmaceuticals in our environment, and how children consume contemporary media. I have an endless supply of ideas I want to further explore. We are in the gestational stages of a profoundly important social experiment involving all of these things, and we are only just getting started. I can't imagine making art about anything else.